2015-09-04 - The launch of the first IMPRESSA in 1994 signaled the beginning of a global success story.

In summer 2015 the four millionth coffee machine left the factory. This impressive track record makes JURA an expert in large-scale production and provides a guarantee of the quality, reliability and durability of all its products.
JURA is the only manufacturer in the sector to focus exclusively on automatic speciality coffee machines. This expertise has made the traditional Swiss company a global innovation leader as well as the market leader in the premium segment.
The current range embodies the experience and know-how resulting from over 20 years of research and development, during which time JURA has manufactured 4 million coffee machines, and a clear mission: to achieve the perfect coffee experience at the touch of a button, freshly ground and freshly extracted.
JURA is celebrating this milestone by presenting the Z6 in limited edition carbon.