2020-03-11 - Swiss coffee machine specialist looks back on a successful financial year and renews its focus on digitalisation

JURA Elektroapparate AG, which is based in Niederbuchsiten, Switzerland, maintained its growth trajectory over the past financial year. The company generated revenue of CHF 542.4 million, corresponding to an increase of 5.1%. In 2019, sales of coffee machines amounted to 398 000 units, representing an increase of 18 000 units compared to the previous year. ‘This growth was driven by our ENA 8, E8 and S8 models as well as the X8,’ said CEO Emanuel Probst, commenting on the figures released today. Particularly strong momentum was achieved in the Polish, French, Belgian and Canadian markets. JURA was also pleased to announce that brand ambassador Roger Federer's contract has been extended for a further five years. ‘Our target for 2020 is to sell 420 000 coffee machines,’ said Probst. ‘We will use the current situation to press ahead with our innovation and digitalisation process with renewed vigour.’

Business development









Revenue of the JURA Group in mill. CHF



Share of revenue: Europe

80,5 %

80,5 %

Share of revenue: Rest of World

19,5 %

19,5 %

Number of automatic coffee machines




Full-time positions - Group



Full-time positions - Switzerland (including 24 trainees)

34,9 %

36,5 %

Full-time positions - international

65,1 %

63,5 %

*) provisional figures

For the first time, JURA CEO Emanuel Probst addressed media representatives via a live stream rather than speaking to them at the company headquarters in Niederbuchsiten. ‘This is our way of setting an example and giving a practical illustration of our response to the current situation.’

Five per cent more revenue

The results of the past year are a clear indication of the success of JURA's product strategy, with the entire range of coffee machines seeing increased sales. Probst highlighted the ENA 8 in particular, which achieved victory in the automatic coffee machine test conducted by the leading European technical inspection agency. This is the fourth time in a row that a JURA coffee machine has taken the top spot in these important rankings. Additional growth drivers include the E8, the most successful model in the company's history, the S8 from the premium segment and the X8 from the professional range. With sales of 398 000 units, JURA sold 18 000 more coffee machines worldwide than in the previous year, representing an increase of 4.7%. Consolidated revenue increased by 5.1% to CHF 542.4 million. The company saw particularly strong growth in Poland (+ 31.8%), France (+ 27.9%), Belgium (+ 26.1%) and Canada (+ 24.0%). Probst highlighted the founding of JURA South Africa, the first sales company on the African continent, as a key milestone from the past year. Digitalisation plays a key role in JURA's success. ‘JURA LIVE has brought expert, personalised advice to the Internet and to 320 premium points of sale around the globe,’ said Emanuel Probst. Product digitalisation is also advancing at a rapid pace. ‘Two years ago, we launched the JURA Operating Experience (J.O.E.®) which allows our coffee machines to be operated via smartphone. Now they can be controlled via Siri and Apple Watch as well.’

One hundred per cent more Roger Federer

JURA has been working with brand ambassador Roger Federer since 2006. At an official ceremony on 19 October 2019, the contract was extended for a further five years. As part of the event for staff and media in Niederbuchsiten, the charismatic tennis champion also unveiled his first official ‘twin’ – a lifelike 3D figure which is now on display at the world's first and only Roger Federer Walk of Fame at JURAworld of Coffee. As well as admiring the 3D model, fans who take a trip to Niederbuchsiten also have an opportunity to take a special souvenir photo with the maestro. The new campaign featuring Roger Federer, which was used in the seasonal selling period, was also presented at the event. The core message remains ‘Freshly ground, not capsuled’. (About the campaign: https://www.jura.com/campaign)

Faster and better with the JURA Campus

The end of October saw the groundbreaking ceremony for the JURA Campus, a high-tech innovation and quality centre. ‘With the JURA Campus, we are laying the foundation today to ensure success in the market of tomorrow,’ said Emanuel Probst. The increased laboratory and innovation capacity will enable shorter development cycles while also improving quality. The Campus is scheduled to open at the end of 2021.

‘Sometimes the future comes sooner than you expect.’

With these words, Emanuel Probst moved on to his analysis of the current situation. As far as JURA is concerned, innovative technologies are the key to overcoming the current challenges and those in the future. ‘The coronavirus crisis will give added impetus to the digitalisation processes that are already under way,’ said Probst, citing JURA LIVE as a concrete example. This established tool makes it possible to provide advice directly to interested consumers and to offer support to specialised dealers, all from the company headquarters in Niederbuchsiten. The technology is currently undergoing something of a baptism of fire, as JURA decided to move its appearance at the FEA trade fair online following the cancellation of the event by the organisers. ‘The contacts are live in the studio and are presenting the new products to our specialised dealers. We have based the opening hours on those of the cancelled event. This meant that viewers were able to visit the digital JURA stand punctually on Sunday morning via JURA LIVE,’ said Probst. The move online was welcomed by dealers. In fact, the response was so positive that JURA's appearance at the postponed Internorga food service and hospitality trade fair in Hamburg will also take place via JURA LIVE. JURA is currently working tirelessly on forwards integration. ‘With our online presence, we are available for customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. JURA LIVE enables us to bring our expertise online and to points of sale in the form of personalised, one-to-one advice. Meanwhile, physical touch points such as showrooms, premium POS or service centres allow us to demonstrate quality in a way which can be experienced with all of the senses.’ 

Goals for 2020

The current financial year is subject to a number of uncertainties. It is impossible to say precisely what the long-term effects of the coronavirus crisis and the exchange rates will be. Nevertheless, JURA is expecting its growth trajectory to continue. The company has set itself a sales target of 420 000 coffee machines. ‘We have seen a positive start to the year,’ says the JURA CEO. We are in a strong position with regard to our products and there are plenty of new innovations in the pipeline. ‘Furthermore, digitalisation at JURA is advancing at a rapid pace.’ By this time next year, the company wants 500 points of sale around the globe to be equipped with a connection to JURA LIVE.